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Dreams Do Come True…

Post Views7A shipping container fell off a ship offshore and look what washed up on the beach! [reddit]

Top Bail Bond Guys in South Florida

Post Views145Here are some numbers that every South Floridian should have in their pocket!

California Gas Prices at All-Time High

Post Views21Californians are freaking out at the pump this week, with gas prices in their state reaching an all time high of $4.49 per gallon for regular unleaded. Some stations were forced to charge [...]

High School Wins Game With The “Bouquet Toss” Pass

Post Views16Damn, you gotta have some nuts to call that play when you’re down one point!

The Best Pics On The Web Today!

Post Views21 The craziest, sexiest, dopest pics on the world-wide web today!

Three-Second KO in MMA Fight

Post Views19Poland MMA Fight – Ivan Bibyatov takes out Mateusz Piechocki with a kick to the dome in the first three seconds of the fight!

What Vending Machines Will Look Like When The Zombies Take Over

Post Views22 If you see this, you know it’s the beginning of the end…

Wanna Freak Out? Here is You Split Down the Middle

Post Views25Human being split down the middle for science…damn, we actually look kinda basic. Maybe we are not the complex creatures we so often claim to be…either way, I’m totally [...]

Someone Get Kid Chronic This Awesome Nest!

Post Views27Check out this bad ass piece of furniture. Nap central!

Is This Kid Chronic’s New Driver’s Business Card?

Post Views16 Now that’s a driver! Fill ‘er up and let’s hit the streets. They see me rollin’…

Going Out To Lunch? Try This

Post Views36 The Cell Phone Stacking Game [reddit]  

Electric Gas Stations Popping Up All Over California

Post Views179These Tesla Super Charger Electric Gas Stations use solar energy to power electric cars all over California. You can now drive from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas on the power of Sunlight. [...]

Airships May Be Making a Comeback

Post Views140 The giant airships of yesteryear may be making a comeback! Though they will be slightly slower than modern jumbo jets they could provide the ultimate in air travel luxury by housing [...]

Click Inside to See Bacon Hitler

Post Views20 He’s out there somewhere. Could be in your kitchen right now…

Bill Belichick Attacks Ref After Patriots Loss (Video)

Post Views19Bill Belichick was not happy with the replacement refs after the Patriots’ recent loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night. The Ravens escaped with the 31-30 win after kicking a [...]

Florida State Erases 14-point Deficit to Defeat Clemson 49-37

Post Views22Florida State looking like a force to be reckoned with this year!! Wahoooooooo!!!

EJ Manuel Post Game Interview

Post Views11Florida State QB EJ Manuel is happy about the Noles’ performance this Saturday in front of a national TV audience. Currently, the Noles are ranked #4 in the country, and with this [...]

The Best Pics on The World Wide Web Today!

Post Views15 The coolest, sexiest, most amazing pics on the world wide web today!!!

Golden Tate Levels Sean Lee

Post Views14Now that’s a great block!

Comment of the Day!

Post Views110Today’s comment of the day comes from John on YouTube…

Visit The Best Strip Club in Fort Lauderdale – Centerfolds Cabaret!!! [NSFW]

Post Views146The sexiest, new gentleman’s club has been taking South Florida by storm! Centerfolds Cabaret South Florida is the experience of a lifetime, featuring beautiful women, incredible [...]

Awesome Drink Specials at All Stars Sports Bar All Weekend Long!!!

Post Views35     Don’t miss these killer drink specials at All Stars Sport Bar!!! Miller Lite – $2.25 Svedka Vodka – $4.50 Even Williams – $3. 5-4-12 Domestic [...]

Note Left on Girl Passed Out at Chronicle Party…

Post Views17 Hey it’s better than writing on their face with a marker!

Someone Get Kid Chronic This Awesome Bunk Bed Couch!

Post Views27Damn, that’s awesome I would never complain about sleeping on the couch again…

Ricky Gervais on Religion

Post Views78Since the beginning of recorded history, historians have recorded over 3,7 different gods…    

Comment of the Day

Post Views99Today’s comment of the day comes from Jocelyn Plums.

Bacon Sandwiches Cure a Hangover

Post Views24According to a recent study, bacon sandwiches actually do cure a hangover. Besides the obvious fact that food in general helps speed up the metabolism, helping the body to process last [...]

The Best Gifs on The World Wide Web Today [ Warning: Boobs ]

Post Views17  The coolest, most ridiculously awesome gifs on the world wide web today!!!