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Karlos Williams Trucks Duke Defender for a TD

The Seminoles route Duke and capture the ACC Championship Trophy!

Silent Night at Taylor University is Pretty Awesome

They stay completely quiet till the tenth point is scored, then this happens!

The Surf Boards of the Future

Pro surfers test the board designs of the future.

CNN Legal Analyst Mark Geragos Calls for Outing Jameis Winston’s Accuser

Great interview on Huff Post Live with CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos, and Winston’s attorney Tim Jansen.

Dozens of Whales Trapped in Florida’s Everglades Park

  Six short-finned Pilot whales have died and about 45 other whales were trapped Wednesday in shallow water off Florida’s Everglades National Park. Everglades National Park spokeswoman Linda [...]

Funny Fan Reactions to the Auburn Field Goal Return

– Watch More Funny VideosHilarious Fan Reactions To The Iron Bowl Kick Return

Paul Walker Crash and Inferno Video

Wow, that is a terrible way to go. I actually feel horrible for cracking Fast and Furious jokes all day today. Paul Walker Crash — The Moment Of Impact & Massive Inferno – Watch More [...]

Kelvin Benjamin is the Best Receiver in College Football

Take a look at FSU’s star receiver Kelvin Benjamin and tell me he is not the best receiver in college football.

Page 7 Girl – Amy Nicole Moore

Amy Nicole Moore  Instagram @amynicolem82 Hometown: Rockford illinois Currently resides: Daytona Beach Birthday: July 2 Sign: cancer Photos By: @JustinPrice +10

The Best Gif's on the Web Today!

The coolest most amazing Gif’s on the world-wide web today!

Want to Know What to do For a Living? Do What You Love!

Before you decide what you are going to do for a living, you should watch this video. Go ahead, don’t be scared be smarter.