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In Your Face!

Kevin Durant unleashes a power slam right on the noodle of some foreign basketball player. Welcome to the NBA chump! #merica +10

Real Time with Bill Maher: I Just Know It’s True

Pretty funny new segment on tonight’s Real Time with Bill Maher.

The Best South Florida Memes

The best South Florida memes money can buy! We had an army of well trained monkeys hopped on Redbull and Marlboro regulars collect this gallery of amazing memes just for you. Cost us twelve dozen [...]

Whose Awesome? You’re Awesome! #PeopleAreAwesome2015

People never cease to amaze me, every time I feel like I lose faith in humanity, I watch one of these videos, and bam, I’m right back in love with you f*ckers! This one goes out to the people [...]

Michio Kaku on Singularity

Michio Kaku gives you his theory on what conciseness really is, and how you can measure it.

New Water Sport Skarping!

These guys are freaking ridiculous, and I like it!

GET WISE: The Secret to Michael Jordan’s Hang Time

The scientific secret to Michael Jordan’s amazing hang time.

Pac-Man Turns 35

One of the most recognizable video game characters of all time turns 35.