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If You Want to Understand Addiction Watch This

Views: 148Finally, someone speaking about addiction who knows what they are talking about it.

Shop for the Coolest New Adult Toys at Great Prices on Super Sexy Sex Toys!

Views: 31Here are a few of our products on sale right now, to shop our full inventory of adult toys. Simply click here!

Rent is Up 15% in Some Areas

Views: 126With current rent prices soaring, some families are wondering how they will ever find affordable housing.

Max Parrot Hits The World’s First Switch Quadruple Underflip 1620

Views: 14Now this is snowboarding on the edge of possibility, what a jump!

Woman Crushed by Foul Ball Behind Home Plate

Views: 28You would think if you are behind the net, you are safe, and for the most part you are. But not when your right up next to the net, because the net has just enough give in it, to rock your [...]

ESPN Talks Shit About the NFL All Day, But They Are Going to Let Britt McHenry Keep Her Job? #Hypocrites

Views: 41 Britt McHenry’s Tow Truck Company Melt Down Video. Fuck Britt McHenry. Lets be honest here, that tow truck employee has a much harder life and harder job, and because of those two [...]

Why Relationships Suck

Views: 57Because a woman will never miss an opportunity to let you down! Check out this poor bastard doing something nice for his girlfriend only to have here shit all over it. At least she [...]

The Big Wave Surfer’s Perspective – Mark Mathews

Views: 93Inside some of the heads of professional big wave surfing.

New ‘Airbag’ Jacket Will Help Protect Motorcycle Riders

Views: 67This is a pretty good idea, but I think crash test dummy would have still died, from the head impact on that one. So maybe not the best video example lol.

South Beach Triathlon Participant to Use State of the Art Technology During the Race

Views: 102 MIAMI – April 14th – When competing in a triathlon to help children who are sick, any available advantage is welcome!  For the athlete on crutches who came in dead last at last [...]

Mayweather/Pacquiao: At Last Trailer

Views: 19Finally the fight of our lifetime is going to happen…

Top Ten Hockey Goals of the Year

Views: 29The absolute best scores of this years NHL season.

The Double Slit Experiment

Views: 99This will blow your mind.

FSU Young Guns Shine in Spring Game

Views: 110Florida State puts the freshman on display in this years annual Spring Game.

Follow the Leader Slopestyle Mountain Biking

Views: 18Aaron Chase and Yannick Granieri take us on a POV mountain bike training run!

Floyd Mayweather Arrives at the Gym with 50 Cent

Views: 14Floyd Mayweather is to old, to rich, and to soft to win this fight, that’s all I have to say.

Uncle Ted’s Mexican Surfing Barrels

Views: 95Go Pro video from inside the barrel of some great waves.

And the Parent of the Year Award Goes to…

Views: 48A ten-year old girl attempts to fire an automatic AK-47.

GET WISE: Learn to Play Piano in Five Minutes

Views: 108Damn, this guy just broke the entire piano down in the first two minutes.

Protestors Rally to Support Walter Scott Family

Views: 70Check out the photo gallery here. Walter Scott was shot in the back by a police officer. His crime? Having a broken tail light.

Rob Gronkowski Plays Giant Flip Cup for Sports Nation

Views: 90Can the Gronk dominate giant flip cup as well as he dominates the NFL?

Carl Sagan Explains the 4th Dimension

Views: 96Carl Sagan breaks down some science for you and explains the fourth dimension.

Aussie Soccer Commentators Are Awesome Sauce

Views: 23I love how they can swear, I hate American commentators and their puritan ways now!

How The Major Drug Companies Are Ripping You Off

Views: 53This pill costs $14 dollars to make, but the drug companies charge $1,4. The problem is the drug companies hold patents on all these drugs, so there is no real sales competition to keep the [...]