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Weight Lifter Instantly Paralyzed in Gym Accident

Cross-fit athlete, Kevin Ogar, drops 240lb weight on his neck during failed snatch.

The Crazy Russian Hacker Teaches You How to Fold a T-shirt

Wow, I’m definitely going to use this next time I pack a suitcase.

Jameis Winston Crab Leg Memes!

As an FSU alum, I am obviously disappointed in our star quarterback Jameis Winston. Shoplifting is unacceptable behavior. However, as a blogger, his crab-leg memes are pure gold! #Hilarious

Donald Sterling Banned For Life and Fined $2.5 Million!

That is the biggest fine allowed by the NBA bylaws. However, I feel like the lifetime ban will hurt Sterling most, since he loves to play owner.

10 Sponsors Drop the Clippers

Sponsors are running from the Clippers like Grant took Richmond.

The Universim is an Awesome Idea

This Kickstarter video game looks awesome! Click here to give them money to make it.

Magic Johnson Calls for Donald Sterling to Step Down

It is high time for Donald Sterling to get his ass out of the NBA.

Listen to NBA Team Owner Donald Sterling’s Alleged Racist Phone Rant

Who hates Magic Johnson? Magic Johnson is like one of the coolest guys ever.

Fisherman Rescued Many Before Ferry Sank

This man is a real life hero, rescuing 30 people with his fishing boat before the ferry sank into the abyss.

Turns Out Every Pope is a Saint Now, Who Knew?

Apparently every Pope is going to be a saint now. Since the Church is preparing to canonize two Popes on the same day, essentially granting them both saint hood instantly. Hey, at least this way it [...]

Maybe God Doesn’t Want Pope John Paul II as a Saint

Today a giant statue of Jesus on the cross, dedicated to Pope John Paul II, fell down and killed a man and injured another. All just days before John Paul II is supposed to be canonized as a saint by [...]

Amazing Surf Footage with Ian White

Nothing looks as cool as big waves in slo-mo.

Woman Has To Go To Hospital For Two-Hour Orgasm

Doctor’s like “I wish we could help you…I’m afraid to research this.” This is the worst doctor ever! Side Note: This guy is a hero! He straight turned this woman into a [...]

Joe Rogan Experience #414 – Commander Chris Hadfield

This is a really cool interview. Commander Hadfield spent over 160 days in space.

This Chick is a Baller on Skis

World class athlete Emma Dahlström launches a 60 foot back-flip over the castle gap at Nine Queens in Livigno, Italy while wearing a Go-Pro. The results are straight epic!

Cattle Showdown in Nevada

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook,Daily Show Video Archive

Knock Out Gifs Gallery!

Here is a whole collection of knuckle sandwiches! #KTFO

What Are You Wasting Your Money On?

Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze break down the top ten things Americans waste their money on

New Recordings Show Terrifying Minutes Before Ferry Sank

Confusion as to when to let the passengers jump in the water may have contributed to their deaths.

Stephen A. Smith Says Mayweather Will Destroy Pacquiao

Will Floyd Mayweather finally fight Manny Pacquiao in 2015? I hope so. Otherwise, it will probably never happen.

If This is What It’s Like to Be a Gator, I’m So Happy I’m A Seminole!

This girl is exactly how I always picture Gator girls. It’s as if God reached into my perception and created her exactly from that mental image. Also reminds me of the time I went to Gainsville [...]

Announcement on Sinking Ferry Told Students to Stay In Place

The ship’s P.A. message may be responsible for 1’s of deaths.