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Free Skiing’s Journey to the Olympics

Post Views17Free Skiing will be in the Olympics for the first time ever this year.

What is a Downhill Skier? – Lindsey Vonn

Post Views102Spend a minute with female skier extraordinaire Lindsey Vonn.

Stephan Colbert Clowns the NFL’s Ridiculous Media Rules

Post Views60 The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

Neil Patrick Harris’s Twitter Feed is Hilarious

Post Views66NPH knows how to have a good time! Margarita time…

Kyle Bundy Wins the sixth annual Walleye Challenge Ice Fishing Derby

Post Views76Clocking in at a whopping 4.65 pounds, Kyle Bundy’s Walleye was the biggest fish of the day! The sixth annual Walleye Challenge Ice Fishing Derby drew over 3,0 people and 1,750 [...]

Marlboro Man Dead from Smoking-Related Health Problems

Post Views11Well, you can’t go your whole life smoking Marlboro Reds and not expect to have a health a problem. Sadly, that is a lesson the Marlboro man had to learn the hard way, as reports [...]

Shaun White Snowboard Crash at Mammoth Mountain

Post Views39Shaun White takes a spill during Olympic qualifying.

The Best Gif's on the Web Today!

Post Views72Cool, and funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure!

The Funniest Ping Pong Match Ever Played

Post Views9I never thought Ping Pong would make good entertainment. I guess I was wrong about that…

The Best Memes on the Web Today!

Post Views178Memes – you gotta love ’em.

Indoor Water Park is Awesome!

Post Views88This place looks fun as hell!

The Best Pics on The Web Today!

Post Views43For your viewing pleasure…

California Cop Shoots Other Cop During Raid

Post Views35Today, during a police search of an apartment related to a theft investigation, one cop accidentally shot another.

Woman Accuses California Principal of Sexual Abuse on YouTube

Post Views38Wow if this is true, that principal should be fired immediately. Also there should obviously be no statute of limitations on sex crimes.

What if Guys’ and Girls’ Roles Were Reversed???

Post Views171OMG if I had one wish, I would switch gender roles when dating for the whole planet. That world would be freaking hilarious!

Ski Jumper Shoots Awesome Selfie Video While Flying Through The Air

Post Views113Norwegian ski jumper Anders Jacobsen takes flight.

California Declares State of Emergency

Post Views36Wild fires ravage the L.A. area.

Dumb Ass Intentionally Eats a Toothpaste Sandwich

Post Views87Admittedly, this guy looks like someone I would hang out with. Nonetheless, he is still an idiot!

Alabama Pastor Allegedly Murdered His Wife So He Could Marry his Boyfriend

Post Views89Alabama Pastor Richard Lee Shahan was arrested at the Nashville airport and charged with the murder of his wife this month. The arrest came five months after his wife was stabbed to death [...]

GET WISE: How Fire Fighting Planes Refill

Post Views30That’s pretty cool. I def never thought they filled up with water on the fly like that.

MotoGP Go-Pro Video is Awesome

Post Views129I would never in a million years ride a motorcycle this fast, but it does look pretty freaking awesome!

Florida Man Throws 2-Year-Old Off Balcony

Post Views22 Kissimmee, Florida – Juan Pablo Maradiaga, 41, told police on the scene that he threw his son off the hotel balcony because he was “frustrated.” The toddler suffered a [...]

Retired Florida Police Chief Shoots Man for Texting in a Movie Theater

Post Views19Get ready for another Florida stand-your-ground case. Curtis Reeves, a retired Tampa Bay, Florida Police Chief, shot and killed a man after a physical confrontation in a movie theater. [...]

Awesome Bicycle Kick Goal!

Post Views8Goalie should have never left the box. That was his first mistake. The second was that pathetic header.

Woman Goes to ER to Get Treatment for Three Hour Orgasm

Post Views16You have to be kidding me? There should be a statue of this man in every city in America.

GET WISE: How the Pyramids Were Really Built

Post Views8Wow, my history teacher got that completely wrong.

Hakkasan Las Vegas: 2013 In Review

Post Views160Steve Aoki and the other residents of Hakkasan Las Vegas look back on 2013.

Dear New Florida Governor, Legalize Pot or Else

Post Views23   There is one thing we all now about Florida politics right now, and that is that Governor Rick Scott has got to go. The other thing we all know is we want legal pot and we want it [...]

20-Year-Old Male Shot and Killed in Vegas Strip Club Parking Lot

Post Views35Police in Las Vegas will not release the identity of a 20-year-old male gunned down outside a local strip club last night. They are also yet to release the name of any suspect, even though [...]

Snowboard Skills to Pay the Bills

Post Views124These kids have insane snowboard styles and skills.

Man Came to Hospital Complaining of Stomach Pains, Hospital Finds Beer Bottle Up His Butt

Post Views68A Chinese man came into his local hospital complaining of stomach pains. After the x-rays came in, the man admitted that he had a bottle stuck up his butt, and had used a coat hanger to [...]