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To test WordPress 4.5, try the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge nightlies”).WordPress 4.5 Beta 4 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t [...]

Heavyweight Factory Promotes Massive Charity Gun Buy Back

The City of Champions Gun Buy Back! Hollywood Florida – The Heavyweight Factory is happy to team up with City of Miami Dade, Miami Alumni, Biscayne Gardens Chamber of Commerce, Tacolcy Park, IKJ [...]

When Pranks in the Hood Go Wrong!

LMAO! These guys are freaking idiots. What a dumb idea, pranking people in the hood, you know whats going to happen before you even go down there!

Voter Fraud Doesn’t Exist

Voter fraud is a non-existent problem and as these Republican politicians accidentally slip up and say publicly, its actually all about swaying elections towards the right wing. +30

SNL’s Weekend Update!

Colin Jost and Michael Che take on the news of the day, in this past weeks Weekend Update! #SNL Topics include: the GOP debate, Bernie Sanders’ meeting with Reverend Al Sharpton, and the Friends [...]

New US Spending Bill Sneaks in Removal of Federal Ban on Medical Marijuana

The US recently passed a spending bill that stops the federal government from pursuing legal medical marijuana dispensaries through the DEA. The United States passed a spending bill that also had a [...]

Vote For Foundation 2 Recovery in this Year’s Community Choice Awards

Make your voice count and cast your vote today for South Florida’s favorite charity. Click the below image to be transported to the voting page. +30

Holly Holm Getting Knocked Out!

Everyone remembers Holly Holm’s second round knock out of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. But, what very few people have seen, is [...]

Richard Lippner…More Than Just Real Estate

Richard Lippner, maybe one of the best real estate investors in South Florida, but did you know he is also a karate expert?…he also enjoys cycling, water sports, skiing, travel…his [...]

Did You Know Your Past, Present, and Future Really All Exist Together?

Take a minute out of your day and make yourself infinitely smarter by watching this video. It explains how Albert Einstein discovered that our past, present, and future really all exist at the same [...]

Street Magician Kills It Under Palm Trees

Now this street magician has some real skills. Better pay the man, he earned that buck! He didn’t even burn the guys shirt. Then to add icing to the cake, he makes some of the guys drink [...]

World Health Organization Says Bacon, And Other Processed Meats May Cause Cancer

According to an agency of the World Health Organization most processed meats cause cancer and red meat may as well. Yes this includes hot dogs and lunch meats. So your going to maybe want to minimize [...]

Chewbacca Arrested While Campaigning

Apparently in the Ukraine they have an internet political party. Besides the fact that, that, in and of itself is awesome. They actually put Darth Vader up for election this year. Ukraine, its more [...]

Angel Investors Pump $500k Into Tinder for Threesomes

3nder, the dating service that has become known as the “Tinder for threesomes” has just received an angel investment of a half a million smack-a-roos! The app that already boasts a million [...]

Oceans Face Total Food Chain Collapse

Higher temperatures due to global warming, plus the pollution, and acidification of our oceans are going to cause irreversible damage to the oceanic food chain. This damage to our sensitive ecosystem [...]